Apart from the Apostle Paul who wrote more than the other Apostles on tongues, it was first recognized as one of the aspects of the coming of The Holy Spirit at pentacost in Mark’s Gospel, Chapter 16 and verse 17. From there, it is next mentioned in Acts chapter 2, verse 4. A careful reading reveals that the “Tongues of Fire” which was the beginning of the working of God’s Spirit in a new way. It was the beginning of the “Church”, known as the “Body of Christ”. After the 120 believers were empowered in the upper room, then Peter went outside to speak to the crowds who had gathered because of the sound of a rushing wind.

First there was the audible and then  visible manifestation of The Holy Spirit’s coming in the upper room. With Peter acting as their spokesperson, for the newly formed Body of Christ, he began to speak to the crowds and very soon they recognized the miracle that was taking place. You see, Pentecost is one of the annual festivals that occurred each year, 50 days after the Passover. The 50 days are 7 weeks of days plus one, or 7 times 7 +1 = the 50 days called Pentecost. My point is that this was a High Holiday for the Jews, therefore Jerusalem was packed with travelers from many lands and language groups. The miraculous events were complicated further for the visitors when they recognized that they were hearing Peter and perhaps some of the others of the 120 from the upper room, speaking in there native “dialect”. It was not just a Greek hearing Peter speaking Greek. They where even hearing in their own individual dialect of their birth!

The “tongues movement” is a modern day perversion of what the Bible says! These people will use some hard to understand passages in Paul’s epistles, which almost seem to contradict what happened at Pentecost, to make a case for this babbling that they call tongues, when tongues was something totally different at the time of the Holy Spirits coming.

What I might refer to as the second Pentecost occurred at the house of Cornelius, a Roman Centurion whose household also were about to receive the “second coming”, so-to-speak, of the Holy Spirit unto the Gentiles and they were all saved and baptized. The very same falling of the Spirit at Pentecost happened to show the Jewish believers that God had included the Gentiles in Salvation!  Tongues was never meant to be transformed into what those in the “Western World” have created and probably was for that original purpose primarily, if not solely!

Because of my exposure to the “spirit world”, which includes those spirits or “Angels” who belong to Our Creator and those who fell with Satan, I have learned that Satan is the ultimate imposter and impersonator for he has always, since his fall,  tryed to be worshipped  and has succeeded in deceiving many into thinking that he is god! Those who practice the occult have themselves experienced utterances and many demonic experiences and some even speak in tongues! This has been documented by people who have studied the various occultic practices such as being a “medium” or today they like to be called “channelers” but more often than not,  practice what they think is the worship of God, or having a relationship with demons who are their “spirit guides” and they do things for these very wicked people that practice such things. The bottom line is this: when you play with fire, what happens? You get burned in ways that you never imagined. There is a very high price to pay for such activities, don’t play with spiritual fire!