The Nountaineer

Through years of intense study on my own as well as with some of the best Bible teachers available online as well as over the radio, I have come to the stark realization that I have been “Spiritually Gifted” with the “Gift” of “Spiritual Discernment” which is more properly called “Discerning Of Spirits”. It is the only way to explain all of the spiritual/supernatural things that I have seen including demons and the Devil himself. I do not seek to have these experiences but I now know that The LORD has allowed these events or realizations, for the lack of a better way of describing what has happened to me, to prepare me for a great task that He has already begun. I am still only beginning to understand what that task is. After decades of spiritual oppression with Satanic attacks through wicked people, in my dreams and in ways that I still do not fully comprehend, GOD has been preparing me for an even greater battle ahead. The LORD has also made great promises to me many years ago, otherwise I would not have had the strength to continue with the great suffering and mind boggling events that I have endured. I am a great threat to the Adversary who is the Devil or Satan, otherwise he would not be so interested in harming me. This has encompassed the first half of my life to toughen me up for the later stages in my life. The Original experiences in my early  years were actually the beginning of my search to understand why I was so different from the other people in my life, such as in elementary school to begin with. I never fit-in with “the crowd” or those that were around me and this continued throughout my life. This caused me to become somewhat of a loner since I was not particularly interested in the things that others were interested in, though I tried to be like them. I finally just gave up on trying to be like everyone else because I was not like them! It was a real struggle and I finally started to understand in a substancial way when God finally chose to reveal Himself to me in some very unusual ways!

The later stages began at the age of 30 when these very unusual things started happening. I had just about decided to just give-up because I had been on the receiving end of Satan’s attacks most of my life. I had even seen Satan and a couple of his demons prior to my 30th birthday but mostly between my 18th year and my mid 20’s. This has been an even more challenging set of circumstances than the first half of my life and even harder to describe. I would say that it has been very different, to say the least. I will try my best to inspire you through my life’s trials and tribulations  to believe, even unto “Eternal Salvation”, if at all possible.

“The Body of Christ” has many parts similar to the human body,  and to a certain degree “Spiritual Gifts” correspond to the parts of the body such as the head for example, has two eyes, two ears, a mouth, nose and the nose has two nasal passages. I can not say how far this comparison is extended to the various gifts but we at least have more visible gifts such as the eyes for seeing and there are spiritual gifts for spiritual sight. Therefore we have outward gifts such as the eyes and inward gifts that are not visible but are every bit as important as the visual  gifts when it comes to sustaining the human  body and invisible gifts hat are necessary for the sustaining of the “Body of Christ”. An example of an inward or inner gift might be compared to the liver which works quietly yet the body can not operate without it! There are less noticeable spiritual gifts that operate to strengthen the Church just as the more noticeable gifts do. I have a type of “Spiritual Sight” and awareness that needs to work in conjunction with the rest of the”Body of Christ” and their gifts for the health of The Church!

After years of great hardship, both physically and psychologically, The Lord stepped into my life by sending an elderly man who I had just met a couple of days earlier. It was in the evening at a van customizing shop that virtually had no business and an owner who preferred to develop his country western band instead of his business. This was his uncle. I manned the office in exchange for a place to plug-in my camper van and a place to sleep. His uncle presented himself with the exclamation that he had just had a “vision” about me personally. Even though I had been a believer in The LORD since I was 6 years old, I had not become grounded in the teachings of the Bible therefore I was quite untaught at that time. There were no Christians available to mentor me. Life had been too intense and I had not found anyone to mentor me from a Biblical point of view. This elderly man said that this, as well as previous visions that he had received included colors similar to a stop light, red, yellow and green which told him whether or not to share the vision. His vision about me was green which told him to share it with me. It simply consisted of three numbers, 7, 9, and 18, as I recall. He also gave to me 3 airline tickets that were for a flight that was departing in a day or two. God had basically given one of the members of his group of 3 people heart problems so that they could not fly back to Baltimore leaving them with the second half of three round trip tickets. I had to make a decision to trust God with this because it was around the holidays and the destination was Baltimore from Tucson and I was broke except for 8 dollars. I prayed about it and then on the next afternoon, I was on my way even though there were blizzard conditions in the Northeast USA and I would be hitch-hiking back. Thankfully, the plane landed at the Dallas / Fort Worth airport for a brief layover. I decided that it would be best for me to start hitch-hiking back from there.

This was the beginning of my choice to start trusting my LORD and Savior in a big way even though I had received Christ and trusted Him by faith at the age of six. I did not really have many other choices available and it was time for me to start to follow Him where-ever He led me by faith! IT was because of this major choice that made me become a major target for the adversary (Satan) and he has been relentless except for periods where he tried to get me to let my guard down. My thirst to study the Bible has been ever increasing since then! Great pain and suffering has had a way of forcing me to focus on Him as well. It has been this great increase in Bible study that has helped me to understand that all of these spiritual encounters were directly related to “Spiritual Gifts” that The LORD has given to me and in particular “Spiritual Discernment”or “The Discerning of Spirits”. I have seen spirits without human bodies and have learned to recognize those people who are controlled or have allowed themselves to become influenced in a variety of ways by Satan. There are certain traits or characteristics that I will notice after getting to know a particular person. The Devil and his minions are very deceptive so a person and especially someone who is a “believer” needs to be very careful who they allow into their lives. Many who claim to be Christians, are not!