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                             Torture is “Spiritual Warfare” and the battle continues for this Believer!

In a previous post, on this blog, I wrote about being tortured intentionally by an ENT (ear, nose and throat) doctor who used a RF (radio frequency machine) during a procedure to burn me with an effect that is no ordinary burn. After he did the procedure in my left nostril back in the area where the mucosa membrane is, he pulled this device to the front of my nostril where it had not been numbed and stepped on the pedal a second time. Without being numbed, it was like multiple lightning bolts going off at the same time while he was intentionally burning me! His name is Steven J. Blatchford of Tucson, Arizona and he works for one of the largest ENT corporations in the state. One of the vice-presidents, Daniel Hurley MD., contacted me after I started filing complaints and he tried to talk me into thinking that what Blatchford did was somehow an accident.  Hurley told me that Blatchford had apologized to me. Both statements were untrue. I was intentionally tortured and he even laughed about it afterwords! Lying is expected when evil people commit criminal acts! Those who knowingly choose to commit evil acts are  sick to say the least, but from a spiritual standpoint, this kind of a person is a child of the devil and has chosen to give his life over to wickedness much earlier in his life!

 I received a letter today from” Angie’s List” who took my side in this issue when I became a member of their organization a little more than a month ago. I am going to copy and paste a post that I wrote earlier today about the letter and a telephone interview with the Arizona Attorney General’s Office about this issue. Here it is:


I just received a response today from “Angie’s List” who took my side in the torture issue, that was committed by “Steven J. Blatchford” of Tucson, Arizona and is being covered by Valley ENT, (ear, nose and throat) the corporation who is helping to cover-up this criminal act. He was given the opportunity to settle this issue and according to this letter as well as a previous email contact from Angie’s List, he has refused to even discuss his criminal activity or try to make right the harm that he intentionally inflicted. I have my primary care Doctor’s records of the burn while it was fresh as well as the records from two other ENT doctors who examined the burn afterwords as well.

His statement , a faxed copy in his own words stated this: quote “The accusations are false. I have been told that the patient has had paranoid delusions, by other caregivers in the past”. In answer to the Angie’s List question: Based on our member’s request, are you willing to resolve this issue to our member’s satisfaction? He answered “No”! The copy of the letter also asked if he would like to make a counter-offer to our member’s request and he left that portion blank, because he did what he did for evil purposes and has no interest in doing the right thing! In my offer to settle this, that was sent to him, I made No demands at all! I left it open for him to make an attempt to settle this issue without any demands and just do the right thing!

I was not surprised about the way that he responded but wanted to give him every opportunity to do what is right. Only a “child of the devil”, which he is, would make the kind of allegation that he made about me. It was because he had no valid explanation! I included his statement as an example of the kinds of things that a sick person like this would say. By including his statement, you can be sure that I have nothing to hide, and actually worked as a volunteer advocate for the seriously mentally ill, on a human rights committee for 8 years. I was appointed by the Arizona Department of Health Services/Behavioral Health Division according to consecutive 3 year appointments. I resigned when my “physical health” deteriorated to a point where I could no longer make the long trips to the meetings as well as personally inspecting the in-patient facilities which required me to go into lock-up and interview the seriously mentally ill patients. I know more about the mentally ill than this sick Dr. and recognize him as a candidate, especially after the first hand experience from his own mouth when he laughed after he tortured me! I have compared him to Josef Mengele in previous posts because Mengele used electricity to torture as well as other means. I have also referred to Steven Blatchford as “the laughing torturer” previously because it fits with what he did to me!

I have other Federal agencies to contact that were suggested by other medical professionals this week and the Arizona Attorney General’s Office made an appointment for a telephone interview with me this afternoon, in about an hour from now. Since I am using a “dial-up” connection, I will post this and come back at a later time with an update and edit to this post.

I am now finished with the ATTY. Gen.’s office telephone interview and it was relatively brief. For their office to get involved, I would have to have been one of the protected classes or races and I would have had to have been denied services in some fashion. In other words, I would have to have been denied services but in my case he did the opposite. He gave me more than I deserved or needed including being tortured! I somehow feel that our systems here in the U.S. have been turned around and are back-wards from how they should be. If I had been denied an apartment because I was a different race or some other “protected class” then they would have gotten involved.

This is just one of the battles in my life whose origins are from Satan, ultimately and when you are not personally responsible for causing someone’s hateful feelings and actions toward you, then as a Christian, you can be sure that it is from Satan or his demons but the devil is the responsible party for the inspiration, yet the individual is fully culpable! So when things are going bad for you and you are confused and do not know why those things are happening, you can be sure of the source when you are truly a “Believing Christian”! You need to pray for protection and make sure that you have put on your spiritual armor! Turn it over to The Lord and His Spirit will give you comfort and help you get through your trials! Just Keep The Faith and remember that the “spirit of the anti-Christ” is at work in this world and the power of Satan is no match for “The Lord of Hosts”.


The Nountaineer


It is quite evident to me through much study and experience that we are in the battle for our souls like never before. I have been under Satanic attack for decades and have even seen Satan face-to-face when I was 18 years old. Scary? You bet it was! My younger sister saw It appear right before my face from across the room and when it was over I looked to see an expression of terror on her face. She was 15 at that time and although I tried to get her to tell me what exactly that it was that she saw, she would always change the subject because it was a reality that she did not want to deal with. She knew exactly what she had seen but it was not until late in 2009 that she finally revealed to me that she had seen the Devil in person from across the room. Even then she cut me off when I tried to talk further with her about it because she was still living an unholy lifestyle and did not want to face the fact that the Bible is true! This originally happened in 1972 which reveals my age and how long that I have been on the receiving end of Satan’s harassment. The Satanic attacks continued in one form or another throughout my adult years although I did not understand why I was having such a miserable life. I am finally coming to grips with the negative events and attitudes from unsaved or even demonic controlled individuals although it has taken more than 20 years of studying the Bible and listening to some of the best Bible teachers, alive or now dead. I have simply been Satan’s target because of The LORD’s  plans for me and my life. It is still not even close to being easy but I at least now know why these things have happened. I just need to make sure that I am not personally the cause of future problems apart from God’s will.

I have also learned that all those who truly belong to The LORD by faith are targets to some degree but we all need to become aware that we have spiritual armor available to us which is for defensive purposes and the only offensive tool at our disposal is the Word of God itself. We also must realize that we have individual tools or “Spiritual Gifts” that are meant to be used for the edification or to build up the body of believers. I do not have much personal experience with most of these gifts except for my primary spiritual gift which is some type of “Spiritual Discernment“. I see things! Besides having seen Satan, I have seen unclean spirits that appear as human spirits but are not! A demon tried to possess me in a dream on Mount Diablo in California. On another occasion a demon appeared in my room one evening. Actually it was just the head of an elderly looking man hovering near the ceiling. Once a “Guardian Angel” saved my life from a snowstorm in the mountains when I was camping although I did not actually see him. I was planning to spend one more night in my tent even though the winter weather was foreboding. It had snowed about an inch the night before and I felt that I was tough enough to handle another night. It snowed 2 or 2 and a half feet of wet heavy snow that night and my flimsy nylon dome tent would have and actually did collapse under the weight of the snow. I would have been trapped in the tent and died of hypothermia. About 4:30pm a gust of wind slapped my tent twice and then an angry sounding voice said “is that plain enough for you?”. Then he said  “it is going to get a lot worse tonight”. When I heard that, I grabbed my backpack, jumped into my ’66 Chevelle and got out of their as fast as I could. It happened that a wall of sleet was coming up the gulch as I was heading for my travel trailer which was a couple miles away on a bad mountain road.

Some Christian scholars believe that true  “Born Again Believers” only have one spiritual gift but there is much debate and some confusion as to which “Gifts” are still in effect today since “Tongues and Prophesy” were for the early Church as “Sign Gifts” to authenticate the fact that the Gentiles were also to be included in the “Body of Believers’ therefore it was necessary for the Holy Spirit to do a repeat of the events that took place during Pentecost. “Tongues of Fire” is one such miraculous occurrence that is no longer necessary since the consolidation of the Jewish Body of Believers with the Gentile believers which has long been shown to be a fact according to the events that took place at the residence of Cornelius. Then came the visit of The Apostle Peter, at the command of the LORD in a Vision at the home of “Simon the tanner” at Joppa by the sea shore.

As we get closer to that day when the Holy Spirit is taken out-of-the-way, we will see a continued downward slide toward the “Days of Noah” which is a comparison to how mankind on the earth degenerated into a very unholy and violent people, much like the way that Sodom and Gomorrah had become so very corrupt and an abomination in The LORD’s eyes. This event is also associated with “Jacobs Trouble” or  the “Great Tribulation” which is when the anti-Christ will be revealed, deceive Israel into thinking that their Messiah has arrived at last to set them free with a promise or covenant of peace but to no avail because 42 months into this covenant he will break it and defile the “Temple”. The first 42 months is simply called the “tribulation”. When the “Temple” is defiled, it is then that all  hell breaks loose and terror and judgment will occur like never before in the history of the Earth. This is the “Great Tribulation . Since the last temple was destroyed in AD 70, a new one will have to be rebuilt first. Jesus predicted this destruction of the old one because they rejected their Messiah at his coming.


The Nountaineer


1 Peter 1:15-16“But just as he who called you is holy, so be holy in all you do; for it is written: “Be holy, because I am holy.”” Brought to you by BibleGateway.com. Copyright (C) . All Rights Reserved.
Isaiah 1:16-17“Wash and make yourselves clean. Take your evil deeds out of my sight; stop doing wrong. Learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of the fatherless; plead the case of the widow.” Brought to you by BibleGateway.com. Copyright (C) . All Rights Reserved.

This is my attempt to share the very unusual life occurrences that The GOD of our universe has so graciously allowed me to experience, even great pain! I will also try to share what HE has taught me through my pain and study of HIM.

The Holy Spirit Today / Spiritual Gifting /Revised

Through years of intense study on my own as well as with some of the best Bible teachers available, I have come to the stark realization that I have been “Spiritually Gifted” with the “Gift of Spiritual Discernment” or “Discerning of Spirits”. It is the only way to explain all of the spiritual/supernatural things that I have seen including demons and the Devil himself. I do not seek to have these experiences but I now know that The LORD has allowed these realizations, for the lack of a better way of describing what has happened to me, to prepare me for a great task that he has already began. After decades of spiritual oppression with Satanic attacks through wicked people, in my dreams and in ways that I still do not fully comprehend, GOD has been preparing me for an even greater battle ahead. The LORD has also made great promises to me many years ago otherwise I would not have had the strength to continue with the mind-boggling events that I have endured. I am a great threat to the Adversary who is the Devil otherwise he would not be so interested in harming me. This has encompassed the first half of my life to toughen me up for the later stages in my life.
The later stages began at the age of 30 in a very unusual way. It has been an even more challenging set of circumstances than the first half of my life and even harder to describe, although I will try my best to inspire you to believe even unto “Eternal Salvation” if at all possible.
After years of great hardship, both physically and psychologically, The Lord stepped into my life by sending an elderly man who I had just met a couple of days earlier. It was in the evening at a van customizing shop that virtually had no business and an owner who preferred to develop his country western band. This was his uncle. I manned the office in exchange for a place to plug-in my camper van and a place to sleep. His uncle presented himself with the exclamation that he had just had a “vision” about me personally. Even though I had been a believer in The LORD since I was 6 years old, I had not become grounded in the teachings of the Bible. Life had been too intense and I had not found anyone to mentor me from a Biblical point of view. This elderly man said that this, as well as previous visions included color similar to a stop light, red, yellow and green which told him whether or not to share the vision. My vision was green which told him to tell me. It simply consisted of three numbers, 7, 9, and 18, as I recall. He also gave to me 3 airline tickets that were for a flight that was departing in a day or two. I had to make a decision to trust God with this because it was around the holidays and the destination was Baltimore from Tucson and I was broke except for 8 dollars. I prayed about it and then on the next afternoon, I was on my way even though there were blizzard conditions in the Northeast USA and I would be hitch-hiking back. Thankfully, the plane landed at the Dallas / Fort Worth airport for a brief layover. I decided that it would be best for me to start hitch-hiking back from there.
This was the beginning of my choice to start trusting my LORD and Savior in a big way. I did not really have many other choices available and it was time for me to start to follow Him where-ever he led me by faith! IT was because of this major choice that made me become a major target for the adversary (Satan) and he has been relentless except for periods where he tried to get me to let my guard down. My thirst to study the Bible has been ever-increasing since then! Great pain and suffering has had a way of  forcing me to focus on Him as well. It has been this great increase in Bible study that has helped me to understand that all of these spiritual encounters were directly related to Spiritual Gifts that The LORD has given to me and in particular “Spiritual Discernment”. I have seen spirits apart from  human beings and have learned to recognized those people who are controlled or have allowed themselves to become influenced in a variety of ways. There are certain traits or  characteristics that I will notice after getting to know a particular person. The Devil and his minions are very deceptive so a person (believer) needs to be very careful who they allow into their lives. “The Body of Christ” has many parts similar to the human body and and to a certain degree “Spiritual Gifts” correspond to the parts of the body such as the head for example, has two eyes, two ears, a mouth, nose and the nose has two nasal passages. I can not say how far this comparison is extended to the various gifts but we at least have more visible gifts such as the eyes for seeing. Therefore we have outward gifts such as the eyes and inward gifts that are not visible but are every bit as important as the visible gifts when it comes to sustaining the body. An example of an inward or inner gift might be compared to the liver which works quietly yet the body can not operate without it! I have a type of “Spiritual Sight” that needs to work in conjunction with the rest of the”Body of Christ”.

There are a number of other “Gifts” that are enumerated in the New Testament. These can be found in 1st Corinthians chapters 12 and 14, 1st Peter chapter 4 and Ephesians Chapter 4. and of course the book of Acts. You can glean other information about the working of the Holy Spirit throughout the bible. It is the Holy Spirit who primarily works within us and “Gifts” us as he sees fit for the edification of the Body of Christ.
I am not prepared at this time to delve into the other “Gifts” in detail because there is still much discussion and many differences in opinion concerning which gifts are still active today and even whether we can have more than one spiritual gift per person. There is one thing that I do know from personal experience and that concerns “tongues”. There are “Cults” who specialize in tongues as well as the Occult and this is straight from Satan, whose people also do this kind of “babble” which is dangerously deceptive. Mediums or those in the “New Age Movement” dabble with the spirit world in ways that are not at all New”, but actually have rehashed those same occultists traditions including contacting the dead, or so they think! If any true spiritual contact is made, it is made with demons who masquerade as deceased souls! People such as Shirley McLane have their “spirit guides” who do a variety of things such as perform tasks like  possibly to try to manipulate an adversary for them. My ex-neighbor bragged to me about how her spirit guide caused her employer to change his attitude toward her because she expected to be fired soon. This woman was very deceitful and also pretended to be a Christian and said that she was saved at a Benny Hinn healing service or what ever he called what he did. ABC had done an investigative report on Benny Hinn and followed up on those who were so-called  divinely healed. It is my understanding that ABC exposed him as a fraud. This woman was a deceiver and had previously admitted to being neurotic and  proved to be even worse than that.

There are  many in the “Church” that are planted by Satan. They are known as “Tares” or false believers who pretend to be “Saved” but are not!  To be fair, they may very well believe that they are true Christians but do not understand what is truly necessary for their salvation to take place. Many practice what I call “churchianity”, they lack the true humility and willingness to admit that their condition is hopeless apart from the Great Work that Christ accomplished on the cross,  who died a horrible death as the final sacrifice for our sins and the sins of the whole world. Many indeed think that their church activity and throwing a couple dollars into the offering plate will somehow buy their way into heaven! They are relying on their good works to get them into heaven. Our works are like filthy rags in the sight of God for we are sinful and no good thing can be presented before The Lord of all creation because we and our so-called good works are defiled because we are sinful. Read the prophet Isaiah to confirm these things.

One of my friends

One of my friends

  • I am amazed by all of God’s Creation but dismayed by all of the evil that has corrupted it ! I have seen God’s hand at work in my life and because I am actively seeking His will, I am also a target for Satan’s attacks and have been attacked for decades! I am willing to share as much as I can to those who are honestly seeking the Truth!