The Nountaineer

I have a few variations within my primary purpose which includes sharing those things that I have seen and experienced personally as well as that which I have learned to be absolutely true! I have no time for creative writing or fiction for time is short, for we know not how many days we have left before natural, accidental or premature death of some sort,  stops us in our tracks! Therefore I have dedicated my life toward that which God has shown to me through direct revelation and His speaking to me through the “Still Small Voice of the Holy Spirit” that the Bible refers to, His prompting through His Holy Spirit in other ways and personal study under the very best teachers available today. My desires are not at all selfish except to find satisfaction knowing that I have successfully reached many with life changing truth. I expect No monetary gain through sales of literature or other products. I fully expect The LORD to meet my needs with the very basics and if He chooses to bless me beyond my basic needs then I will give him my thanks and be the best steward of those resources as possible. I never expected to become rich and famous, in fact most people can not handle this kind of success. They do not know how to use self control and become drug addicted alcoholics or waste his or her money like Mohammad Allie, the ex-boxer who lost most of his fortune. Other examples include Elvis Presley, Jimmie Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison and a score of others. They live fast and die young with no hope for the future at all. These are but a sampling of the millions of people with no hope for anything beyond this life including Heaven. “The lake of Fire” is their eternal abode with suffering that is beyond anything comparable to the worst form of suffering here on this planet. If I can assist you personally then I will do it to the best of my ability!