There was a time when “Dangerous Drugs” referred to such items as Heroin, Opium, and other narcotics. Today, some drug companies will produce and distribute very dangerous drugs that lead to many types of new “diseases” or “serious side effects” from such as Proscar, which is currently being litigated due to life long damage done to the human body. Propecia uses the same active ingredient called “Finisteride”.

There is a Large Class Action Lawsuit for those who used one of these two medications,  and the law firms are primarily on the east coast, including many law firms from Florida, northward. I have been researching this because I am also a victim of this terrible drug, and I desire to inform as many people as possible, so that this kind of irresponsible distribution of dangerous drugs is stopped! I have contacted or spoken to several attorneys already, and it will likely take a long time to resolve.

The FDA relaxed their control over the drug companies several years ago. This action by the FDA made it increasingly more likely for this kind of irresponsible distribution to take place. There have been a number of drugs in the recent past that have been pulled from the shelves because they were hurting or even killing people! Is the FDA complicit? Only time will tell, for their lips are sealed concerning such practices. This post is primarily my personal opinion on an important topic. Will you help to get the word out? It could happen to one of your own loved ones!