There has been what seems to be an ever-increasing interest in things supernatural and having to do with the Supernatural World. The latest craze which is not at all losing steam are “Angels” and “Angelology”, if there is such a term and if not then there should be. Angels and the “Spirit World” have long been objects of study and in more recent millennia, the Catholic church has put a great deal of time into the study of and the “casting out” of  unclean spirits which are commonly known as “demons”. The movie called “The Exorcist” was a big catalyst, causing a huge spike of interest in “demonic possession” and as of late, the “new age movement” has reinvigorated interest in spirits, spirit guides and many other branches of the occult. Generally speaking, there is nothing new about the new age movement. The names have been changed and perhaps there are structural changes but “there is nothing new under the sun” as Solomon stated by the inspiration of God. I have personally seen spirits including the Devil himself. This is something that I have written about briefly in previous posts. It was in 1972 and both my wife and my younger sister were in the same room of our house on this particular evening. There was no conversation ongoing at the time that it happened. In an instant, the most hideous creature in the universe appeared right in front of my face. Did it scare me? You bet it did! It only lasted for perhaps 10 seconds or so and then it was gone. I immediately looked across the room at my sister to see a look of terror on her face. I tried off and on for years to get her to tell me what it was that she saw but she would not or could not discuss it with me. I never told her what I saw. In late 2009 after a long period without any verbal contact at all and during a relatively brief telephone conversation, I asked her again if she remembered that night and this time she said that she remembered that night, and this time she told me that she had seen the devil. She cut me off afterwards when I asked her to elaborate. It was still something very frightening for her. The creature was the most hideous thing in the universe and he appeared exactly as he really is as opposed to his appearing as an “angel of light” The reason that I say this is because “The Devil”, or “Satan”in the Bible specifically describes how “Lucifer” sinned and became the devil or Satan, which means “the adversary”.The book of Ezekiel discusses briefly what happened and there are a few other references in the Bible as well. I have said all of this because for some reason God has allowed Satan to retain the ability to appear as “an angel of light”. He seems to only be able to do this for relatively short periods of time because he is no longer a Holy Angel that reflects or is somehow endued with the “Glory of God”. Without going into a lengthy explanation of the actual activities in this other dimension, I will simply say that there is a spiritual battle going on between Satan’s fallen angels and God’s Holy Angels for the souls of all of mankind. Satan hates mankind because we are created in “The Image of God”. The image has become tarnished in man because of the entrance of sin into the world by “Adam” in the “Garden of Eden”. The battle has really already been won by God when “The Sinless Son of God”, “The Messiah”(Christ) came, suffered, died and arose from the grave but there is still some unfinished business that God needs to allow to play out before He finalizes this “Great Drama” that is being played out here on Earth.

In the “Book of Daniel” there are descriptions that indicate that there are divisions of power and territory that are set up around the world. There are also divisions within the ranks of the Holy Angels as well. There are different types of Angels such as Seraphim, Cherubim and Archangels and I assume that there are others as well. A demon tried to possess me on Mount Diablo in California while I was camping on that mountain. There is a monument that states that the native Americans worshipped on that mountain for 5000 years. I saw at least one of the demons that have control of that particular area or “High Place”. High places in the Bible as well as in other historical literature refer to mountains or high places for pagan worship.