An Old Prospector and Man of The Mountains

The Nountaineer

My Purpose is to share with you decades of knowledge based on my own personal experiences with the supernatural realm as well as decades of study under many of the best Bible expositors around! I hope to show you that there is a real supernatural world that in and of itself proves that what the Bible says about it is absolutely true! This is part of “What I Hope To Accomplish” within my posts. I invite inquiring minds who are not satisfied with the anemic gruel that our society is continually feeding our children, as well as adults,  because the minds of children in particular are more pliable and are more easily confused with the very unscientific theorems of evolution which are designed to brainwash these poor children into believing that they happened out of chance which is no chance at all!  But instead, I hope  to teach and to guide our children, and even you, to understand that Only a Divine Creator can explain the incredible design which is behind even what they used to call the “simple cell”, which we now know is incredibly complex and beyond our imaginations, even from the recent past! We actually have a Divine purpose in this life, from God. I hope to help you to open your eyes to a very different way of thinking, as well as seeing, that will lead you on to the path of “Eternal Life”. This is also part of my general intent and what I hope to accomplish.

 This is but one general aspect of what is happening in our society and what has been planned, by those in power now and in the past decades, by those who hate the general principles that were used by the founders of this once great nation. I also hope to share all of the hard learned knowledge that I have accumulated through a very difficult and at times impossible  life! If my words help to encourage you to reconsider how you have until now allowed your own children to be fed what is now known to be historical revisionism along with political ideas that do not benefit your child in a way that will help him or her to reach the kinds of goals that once made this country a place that the masses from other countries fled to! Please re-think what the public schools are teaching your children and seek alternatives such as charter schools or even home schooling! 

I have been allowed by our Creator to see and experience things that very few Christians or non-Christians, for that matter, have been allowed to see! It is referred to as the supernatural world. I have in my several blogs shared different aspects of this unusual life of mine and hope to inspire those who are not Christians, to explore what being a Christian means. I hope to inspire those who are Christians to truly look into what God not only expects of “Believers By Faith”, but also Commands believers to do, and what we must become by faith! This is difficult to explain in a post and even more difficult to incorporate into our lives but with God’s help, we must learn through Bible study and inspiration of The Spirit of Christ, how to become ALL that God wants us to become and learn what our purpose in this life is! It is through The Bible alone that true knowledge of God and of the spiritual battle that all Christians must be involved in, although not always by choice, that we become spiritually strong and become able to resist the supernatural attacks that will come if you are truly a Christian and living a life that is pleasing to our Father, God Allmighty!