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Interstitial Cystitis is a non-bacterial disorder of the bladder that affects both men and women, and women in particular. I, as a man, have suffered with this disorder since April of 2006, when my bladder failed to heal, or so I thought.  Bladder Cancer surgery and the onset of IC occurred at about the same time. After a year of suffering with bladder pain and only being able to sleep for 45 minutes at a time, my urologist gave me a pamphlet about this and sure enough, I had most of the listed symptoms. It took another 6 months to get my insurance to pay for the only medication available for this, because it is so very expensive.

There is a non-profit organization that is named after this disorder. They have become entangled with one or more left leaning political organizations, therefore I hesitate to even mention their name. They, as well as most other groups claim  that they do not know what it is exactly, or what causes it.  I contacted them once offering an explanation of the circumstances that seem to cause Interstitial Cystitis, but they did not respond.

It is relatively well-known in the medical profession now, that altering a womans hormones can cause problems and can promote one or more types of cancer, as I understand it. I have discerned through my own circumstances and research that hormone altering drugs are indeed the greatest contributing factor, if not the actual cause of this disease. I had been given “Proscar” for 11 of the 12 months that were recommended by the manufacturer. “Finisteride”, which is the active ingredient  in both Proscar and Propecia, appears to be the most  dangerous  ingredient in both drugs. Before the discovery of the bladder cancer, I had been off of that drug for about 4 or 5 months when the tumor was discovered in my bladder. Proscar is for “enlarged prostate” and causes changes in the male hormone called “Testosterone” and is the primary cause of  my particular case of this disease, according to all of my research.

I would now like to warn everyone, men and women alike, to stay away from ALL “hormone altering drugs”, including Proscar and Propecia, as well as the other brands of prostate shrinking drugs! Our bodies are designed to work with the help of hormones and the drug companies do not do enough research and animal testing before they push the FDA to approve these,  as well as other potentially dangerous drugs, in my opinion. I just spoke to a nurse at a local hospital who also has this disease and was on birth control pills for years before discovering her condition. Birth control pills are big business for the drug companies, making them very rich, as well as the other hormone altering drugs since the guidelines were relaxed. This is especially true, since I learned that the FDA,  reduced the restrictions and the amount of Human testing that they had previously required. The “Drug Companies” will not admit that their products may or actually do cause harm! This is No surprise to me. I am living proof of this!  I have been injured for LIFE!

Updated information, as of about June of 2012:  There is now a sizable class action lawsuit against “Merck”,  for both drugs.  A  search should produce for you much of this information, especially after this “Class Action”  lawsuit has been adjudicated or settled, if that is possible. As far as my ability to participate in this, I have been informed that for the original lawsuit, I am probably  too old! I am almost 60 years old and am not very likely to be selected as a participant for that reason. and at this time. The “Law Firms” want an easy case, which means that men that are much younger than I am, are the best candidates, in their opinion!  I have not given-up hope for my situation, mainly since it is apparently the first suit against “Merck”, concerning  these two drugs.

If you have loved ones or male friends that you care about then please inform them about this class action lawsuit, and “Inform Them”, whether male or female, because the suffering that this “IC” causes, can and is quite disabling and you can possibly help them or yourself  avoid this suffering, if they are well-informed on this as well as other similar situations that are likely caused by “Dangerous Drugs”.

Please comment or contact me if you can provide additional facts or other information concerning this situation! It is very important. I would really appreciate it!  Thanks, in advance, for any assistance on this.

The Nountaineer











































































There was a time when “Dangerous Drugs” referred to such items as Heroin, Opium, and other narcotics. Today, some drug companies will produce and distribute very dangerous drugs that lead to many types of new “diseases” or “serious side effects” from such as Proscar, which is currently being litigated due to life long damage done to the human body. Propecia uses the same active ingredient called “Finisteride”.

There is a Large Class Action Lawsuit for those who used one of these two medications,  and the law firms are primarily on the east coast, including many law firms from Florida, northward. I have been researching this because I am also a victim of this terrible drug, and I desire to inform as many people as possible, so that this kind of irresponsible distribution of dangerous drugs is stopped! I have contacted or spoken to several attorneys already, and it will likely take a long time to resolve.

The FDA relaxed their control over the drug companies several years ago. This action by the FDA made it increasingly more likely for this kind of irresponsible distribution to take place. There have been a number of drugs in the recent past that have been pulled from the shelves because they were hurting or even killing people! Is the FDA complicit? Only time will tell, for their lips are sealed concerning such practices. This post is primarily my personal opinion on an important topic. Will you help to get the word out? It could happen to one of your own loved ones!

Dangerous Drugs Abound

There was a time when “Dangerous Drugs” referred to such items as Heroin, Opium, and other narcotics. Today, some drug companies will produce and distribute very dangerous drugs that lead to many types of new “diseases” or “serious side effects” from such as Proscar, which is currently being litigated due to life long damage done to the human body. Propecia uses the same active ingredient called “Finisteride”.

There is a Large Class Action Lawsuit for those who used one of these two medications,  and the law firms are primarily on the east coast, including many law firms from Florida, northward. I have been researching this because I am also a victim of this terrible drug, and I desire to inform as many people as possible, so that this kind of irresponsible distribution of dangerous drugs is stopped! I have contacted or spoken to several attorneys already, and it will likely take a long time to resolve.

The FDA relaxed their control over the drug companies several years ago. This action by the FDA made it increasingly more likely for this kind of irresponsible distribution to take place. There have been a number of drugs in the recent past that have been pulled from the shelves because they were hurting or even killing people! Is the FDA complicit? Only time will tell, for their lips are sealed concerning such practices. This post is primarily my personal opinion on an important topic. Will you help to get the word out? It could happen to one of your own loved ones!

Apart from the Apostle Paul who wrote more than the other Apostles on tongues, it was first recognized as one of the aspects of the coming of The Holy Spirit at pentacost in Mark’s Gospel, Chapter 16 and verse 17. From there, it is next mentioned in Acts chapter 2, verse 4. A careful reading reveals that the “Tongues of Fire” which was the beginning of the working of God’s Spirit in a new way. It was the beginning of the “Church”, known as the “Body of Christ”. After the 120 believers were empowered in the upper room, then Peter went outside to speak to the crowds who had gathered because of the sound of a rushing wind.

First there was the audible and then  visible manifestation of The Holy Spirit’s coming in the upper room. With Peter acting as their spokesperson, for the newly formed Body of Christ, he began to speak to the crowds and very soon they recognized the miracle that was taking place. You see, Pentecost is one of the annual festivals that occurred each year, 50 days after the Passover. The 50 days are 7 weeks of days plus one, or 7 times 7 +1 = the 50 days called Pentecost. My point is that this was a High Holiday for the Jews, therefore Jerusalem was packed with travelers from many lands and language groups. The miraculous events were complicated further for the visitors when they recognized that they were hearing Peter and perhaps some of the others of the 120 from the upper room, speaking in there native “dialect”. It was not just a Greek hearing Peter speaking Greek. They where even hearing in their own individual dialect of their birth!

The “tongues movement” is a modern day perversion of what the Bible says! These people will use some hard to understand passages in Paul’s epistles, which almost seem to contradict what happened at Pentecost, to make a case for this babbling that they call tongues, when tongues was something totally different at the time of the Holy Spirits coming.

What I might refer to as the second Pentecost occurred at the house of Cornelius, a Roman Centurion whose household also were about to receive the “second coming”, so-to-speak, of the Holy Spirit unto the Gentiles and they were all saved and baptized. The very same falling of the Spirit at Pentecost happened to show the Jewish believers that God had included the Gentiles in Salvation!  Tongues was never meant to be transformed into what those in the “Western World” have created and probably was for that original purpose primarily, if not solely!

Because of my exposure to the “spirit world”, which includes those spirits or “Angels” who belong to Our Creator and those who fell with Satan, I have learned that Satan is the ultimate imposter and impersonator for he has always, since his fall,  tryed to be worshipped  and has succeeded in deceiving many into thinking that he is god! Those who practice the occult have themselves experienced utterances and many demonic experiences and some even speak in tongues! This has been documented by people who have studied the various occultic practices such as being a “medium” or today they like to be called “channelers” but more often than not,  practice what they think is the worship of God, or having a relationship with demons who are their “spirit guides” and they do things for these very wicked people that practice such things. The bottom line is this: when you play with fire, what happens? You get burned in ways that you never imagined. There is a very high price to pay for such activities, don’t play with spiritual fire!

After more than 50 years as a believer, I have not seen a more dangerous deception from Satan than the Tongues Movement! It is normally the young and untaught Believer that will fall for this  perversion of God’s Word. Most who allow themselves to be drawn to these groups is the desire to be special, even better than others in some way. It is also likely supported by the Sin of Pride which is considered to be the worst sin of all because most sins are derived from or through Pride!

First, consider the fact that NO individual Spiritual Gift is possessed by every believer. There is no chapter in the Bible that supports such a belief that says that everyone should seek the Spiritual Gift of Tongues. All believers in Christ by Faith receive at least one “Gift” from the Holy Spirit at the time of Redemption. No individual has ALL of the Gifts of The Spirit and NO single Gift of the Spirit is given to ALL Believers!

I have heard two young women pray in so-called “Tongues” but they did nothing more than  a lot of babbling. One of the women is my cousin. I am not at this time claiming that the gift of Tongues no longer exists, but I am saying that you need to be VERY careful about who you allow into your lives! These women were deceived! There are gifts given to believers according to the plan of God through His Holy Spirit but we are not in any way in control of which gift or gifts that we receive! It is solely a work of God in our lives! If you meet someone who is part of a group who believes that you are somehow not a Spirit filled Christian apart from the practice of Tongues then get as far away from that person as possible because they are themselves deceived or intentionally deceiving others!

Now, a little about myself. I started experiencing spiritual events at the age of 18 and at that time Satan appeared no further than two feet from my face. It was in a well-lit room and in the presence of my wife and younger sister. My sister saw Satan appear in front of me from across the room and was extremely frightened by what she saw happen to me. My wife saw nothing! It was late 2009 when she finally told me that she also saw Satan but had been too terrified to even talk to me about it. This was 37 years after the event happened! I saw demons when I was in my twenties, both awake and in my dreams. A demon tried to possess me near the top of Mount Diablo in California while camping. Demons are territorial and this was the demon that the Native Americans had worshipped on that small mountain for 5000 years, according to the sign at the very top of this mountain which I saw the following morning, after the event. I did not have any idea what Diablo meant until sometime later. I had no idea that I was camping on “Devil Mountain”! I have since learned that I have the “Gift” called “Discerning of Spirits” which allows me to recognise those who belong to Satan as well as “Tares” or false Christians in the “Body of Christ”. It is a very difficult Gift and one that I would not have chosen if I had been given the choice!

Most people believe the truths of God’s Word because it is empowered by the Holy Spirit for all Believers and I do as well. The difference is that I have first hand experience as well because I have lived many of the Truths contained in Bible. There is no reason to fear Satan if you are truly ‘Born Again” because Satan has no power over you unless you allow it through deception or by practicing the forbidden arts which are the “Occult”. Make sure that you know what God’s Word really says by your own personal study and by sitting under the teaching of a Spirit filled Pastor.

I invite anyone who reads this to contact me with your questions.

                             Torture is “Spiritual Warfare” and the battle continues for this Believer!

In a previous post, on this blog, I wrote about being tortured intentionally by an ENT (ear, nose and throat) doctor who used a RF (radio frequency machine) during a procedure to burn me with an effect that is no ordinary burn. After he did the procedure in my left nostril back in the area where the mucosa membrane is, he pulled this device to the front of my nostril where it had not been numbed and stepped on the pedal a second time. Without being numbed, it was like multiple lightning bolts going off at the same time while he was intentionally burning me! His name is Steven J. Blatchford of Tucson, Arizona and he works for one of the largest ENT corporations in the state. One of the vice-presidents, Daniel Hurley MD., contacted me after I started filing complaints and he tried to talk me into thinking that what Blatchford did was somehow an accident.  Hurley told me that Blatchford had apologized to me. Both statements were untrue. I was intentionally tortured and he even laughed about it afterwords! Lying is expected when evil people commit criminal acts! Those who knowingly choose to commit evil acts are  sick to say the least, but from a spiritual standpoint, this kind of a person is a child of the devil and has chosen to give his life over to wickedness much earlier in his life!

 I received a letter today from” Angie’s List” who took my side in this issue when I became a member of their organization a little more than a month ago. I am going to copy and paste a post that I wrote earlier today about the letter and a telephone interview with the Arizona Attorney General’s Office about this issue. Here it is:


I just received a response today from “Angie’s List” who took my side in the torture issue, that was committed by “Steven J. Blatchford” of Tucson, Arizona and is being covered by Valley ENT, (ear, nose and throat) the corporation who is helping to cover-up this criminal act. He was given the opportunity to settle this issue and according to this letter as well as a previous email contact from Angie’s List, he has refused to even discuss his criminal activity or try to make right the harm that he intentionally inflicted. I have my primary care Doctor’s records of the burn while it was fresh as well as the records from two other ENT doctors who examined the burn afterwords as well.

His statement , a faxed copy in his own words stated this: quote “The accusations are false. I have been told that the patient has had paranoid delusions, by other caregivers in the past”. In answer to the Angie’s List question: Based on our member’s request, are you willing to resolve this issue to our member’s satisfaction? He answered “No”! The copy of the letter also asked if he would like to make a counter-offer to our member’s request and he left that portion blank, because he did what he did for evil purposes and has no interest in doing the right thing! In my offer to settle this, that was sent to him, I made No demands at all! I left it open for him to make an attempt to settle this issue without any demands and just do the right thing!

I was not surprised about the way that he responded but wanted to give him every opportunity to do what is right. Only a “child of the devil”, which he is, would make the kind of allegation that he made about me. It was because he had no valid explanation! I included his statement as an example of the kinds of things that a sick person like this would say. By including his statement, you can be sure that I have nothing to hide, and actually worked as a volunteer advocate for the seriously mentally ill, on a human rights committee for 8 years. I was appointed by the Arizona Department of Health Services/Behavioral Health Division according to consecutive 3 year appointments. I resigned when my “physical health” deteriorated to a point where I could no longer make the long trips to the meetings as well as personally inspecting the in-patient facilities which required me to go into lock-up and interview the seriously mentally ill patients. I know more about the mentally ill than this sick Dr. and recognize him as a candidate, especially after the first hand experience from his own mouth when he laughed after he tortured me! I have compared him to Josef Mengele in previous posts because Mengele used electricity to torture as well as other means. I have also referred to Steven Blatchford as “the laughing torturer” previously because it fits with what he did to me!

I have other Federal agencies to contact that were suggested by other medical professionals this week and the Arizona Attorney General’s Office made an appointment for a telephone interview with me this afternoon, in about an hour from now. Since I am using a “dial-up” connection, I will post this and come back at a later time with an update and edit to this post.

I am now finished with the ATTY. Gen.’s office telephone interview and it was relatively brief. For their office to get involved, I would have to have been one of the protected classes or races and I would have had to have been denied services in some fashion. In other words, I would have to have been denied services but in my case he did the opposite. He gave me more than I deserved or needed including being tortured! I somehow feel that our systems here in the U.S. have been turned around and are back-wards from how they should be. If I had been denied an apartment because I was a different race or some other “protected class” then they would have gotten involved.

This is just one of the battles in my life whose origins are from Satan, ultimately and when you are not personally responsible for causing someone’s hateful feelings and actions toward you, then as a Christian, you can be sure that it is from Satan or his demons but the devil is the responsible party for the inspiration, yet the individual is fully culpable! So when things are going bad for you and you are confused and do not know why those things are happening, you can be sure of the source when you are truly a “Believing Christian”! You need to pray for protection and make sure that you have put on your spiritual armor! Turn it over to The Lord and His Spirit will give you comfort and help you get through your trials! Just Keep The Faith and remember that the “spirit of the anti-Christ” is at work in this world and the power of Satan is no match for “The Lord of Hosts”.


The Nountaineer

Through years of intense study on my own as well as with some of the best Bible teachers available online as well as over the radio, I have come to the stark realization that I have been “Spiritually Gifted” with the “Gift” of “Spiritual Discernment” which is more properly called “Discerning Of Spirits”. It is the only way to explain all of the spiritual/supernatural things that I have seen including demons and the Devil himself. I do not seek to have these experiences but I now know that The LORD has allowed these events or realizations, for the lack of a better way of describing what has happened to me, to prepare me for a great task that He has already begun. I am still only beginning to understand what that task is. After decades of spiritual oppression with Satanic attacks through wicked people, in my dreams and in ways that I still do not fully comprehend, GOD has been preparing me for an even greater battle ahead. The LORD has also made great promises to me many years ago, otherwise I would not have had the strength to continue with the great suffering and mind boggling events that I have endured. I am a great threat to the Adversary who is the Devil or Satan, otherwise he would not be so interested in harming me. This has encompassed the first half of my life to toughen me up for the later stages in my life. The Original experiences in my early  years were actually the beginning of my search to understand why I was so different from the other people in my life, such as in elementary school to begin with. I never fit-in with “the crowd” or those that were around me and this continued throughout my life. This caused me to become somewhat of a loner since I was not particularly interested in the things that others were interested in, though I tried to be like them. I finally just gave up on trying to be like everyone else because I was not like them! It was a real struggle and I finally started to understand in a substancial way when God finally chose to reveal Himself to me in some very unusual ways!

The later stages began at the age of 30 when these very unusual things started happening. I had just about decided to just give-up because I had been on the receiving end of Satan’s attacks most of my life. I had even seen Satan and a couple of his demons prior to my 30th birthday but mostly between my 18th year and my mid 20’s. This has been an even more challenging set of circumstances than the first half of my life and even harder to describe. I would say that it has been very different, to say the least. I will try my best to inspire you through my life’s trials and tribulations  to believe, even unto “Eternal Salvation”, if at all possible.

“The Body of Christ” has many parts similar to the human body,  and to a certain degree “Spiritual Gifts” correspond to the parts of the body such as the head for example, has two eyes, two ears, a mouth, nose and the nose has two nasal passages. I can not say how far this comparison is extended to the various gifts but we at least have more visible gifts such as the eyes for seeing and there are spiritual gifts for spiritual sight. Therefore we have outward gifts such as the eyes and inward gifts that are not visible but are every bit as important as the visual  gifts when it comes to sustaining the human  body and invisible gifts hat are necessary for the sustaining of the “Body of Christ”. An example of an inward or inner gift might be compared to the liver which works quietly yet the body can not operate without it! There are less noticeable spiritual gifts that operate to strengthen the Church just as the more noticeable gifts do. I have a type of “Spiritual Sight” and awareness that needs to work in conjunction with the rest of the”Body of Christ” and their gifts for the health of The Church!

After years of great hardship, both physically and psychologically, The Lord stepped into my life by sending an elderly man who I had just met a couple of days earlier. It was in the evening at a van customizing shop that virtually had no business and an owner who preferred to develop his country western band instead of his business. This was his uncle. I manned the office in exchange for a place to plug-in my camper van and a place to sleep. His uncle presented himself with the exclamation that he had just had a “vision” about me personally. Even though I had been a believer in The LORD since I was 6 years old, I had not become grounded in the teachings of the Bible therefore I was quite untaught at that time. There were no Christians available to mentor me. Life had been too intense and I had not found anyone to mentor me from a Biblical point of view. This elderly man said that this, as well as previous visions that he had received included colors similar to a stop light, red, yellow and green which told him whether or not to share the vision. His vision about me was green which told him to share it with me. It simply consisted of three numbers, 7, 9, and 18, as I recall. He also gave to me 3 airline tickets that were for a flight that was departing in a day or two. God had basically given one of the members of his group of 3 people heart problems so that they could not fly back to Baltimore leaving them with the second half of three round trip tickets. I had to make a decision to trust God with this because it was around the holidays and the destination was Baltimore from Tucson and I was broke except for 8 dollars. I prayed about it and then on the next afternoon, I was on my way even though there were blizzard conditions in the Northeast USA and I would be hitch-hiking back. Thankfully, the plane landed at the Dallas / Fort Worth airport for a brief layover. I decided that it would be best for me to start hitch-hiking back from there.

This was the beginning of my choice to start trusting my LORD and Savior in a big way even though I had received Christ and trusted Him by faith at the age of six. I did not really have many other choices available and it was time for me to start to follow Him where-ever He led me by faith! IT was because of this major choice that made me become a major target for the adversary (Satan) and he has been relentless except for periods where he tried to get me to let my guard down. My thirst to study the Bible has been ever increasing since then! Great pain and suffering has had a way of forcing me to focus on Him as well. It has been this great increase in Bible study that has helped me to understand that all of these spiritual encounters were directly related to “Spiritual Gifts” that The LORD has given to me and in particular “Spiritual Discernment”or “The Discerning of Spirits”. I have seen spirits without human bodies and have learned to recognize those people who are controlled or have allowed themselves to become influenced in a variety of ways by Satan. There are certain traits or characteristics that I will notice after getting to know a particular person. The Devil and his minions are very deceptive so a person and especially someone who is a “believer” needs to be very careful who they allow into their lives. Many who claim to be Christians, are not!

The Nountaineer

Satan’s influence is growing rapidly in the private as well as the public  sphere and especially in our government and Hollywood. Satan, through his followers are incrementally taking control of our country, as a whole. I am concentrating on our country for a very good reason. It is, or should I say was the most powerful nation in the last few centuries since the British Empire.

 The Soviet Union or “The Evil Empire” as described by Ronald Reagan, has increased its influence for decades knowing that they could not win a head-on confrontation, known as “MAD” (mutually assured destruction) so they have infiltrated our society through the influence of home-grown socialistic communism and marxism.They have been rising through the ranks in our government and  influencing those in control. The community organizing efforts that  have been secretly planning their own ways of subverting our constitution, have been exposed for pressuring  the banking industry to give loans to the poor who could not pay it back and contributed to the housing collapse that we are currently suffering from. It was also government officials who through “Fanny May and Freddy Mack” pressured banks to do the same. It was through these measures primarily that caused our banking industry  to collapse and require the 700 Billion dollar “Banking Bailout” that was approved by George Bush before he left office. Most of that money was never used for that purpose and I understand that something like 350 billion of that money is being held for use as a political slush fund. This also included the government officials on the U.S. Senate “Banking Committee” who acted to change the ways that they had traditionally operated and played a big role in the housing collapse. Our President is a prime example of what the community organizers can carry out. This has been exposed to some degree and the largest organization  that had operated and had even influenced elections through voter fraud and strong-arm tactics at the polls has been de-funded and are being forced to close and reorganize because of all of the fraudulent tactics that they got caught doing! They will reappear  in a different form with the same people running things. Even at the polling places, the new black panthers were caught  intimidating  voters and were allowed to get away with it in certain areas during a previous election.

Now you might ask: what does this have to do with “Satan and Spiritual Danger”? It has everything to do with the “Spiritual Battle In Heavenly Places” that the Bible refers to and the increase in evil that will take place “In The Last Days”. We have been in the last days at least since Christ was resurrected and the birth of the Church at Pentecost occurred. I am using modern-day examples of the spiritual battle that is taking place in our own back yard!

There was a time when the practices of those involved in various aspects of the occult were kept secret to a great degree but it is all out in the open now! The “church of Satan” is a prime example along with the “new age movement” which has given a rebirth to many of the very old wicked practices. Witchcraft is out in the open operating under the name “wicca” and others as well. Witches are proud of their “craft” and publicly operate, but the most evil aspects are still kept secret. Animal and even human sacrifices take place. It is my understanding that there are covens that never report births because they are going to use the babies as human sacrifices. Yes, there is a great increase of Evil in our midst today! Those in hollywood are heavily into the occult and have  television programs or series about the related topics from time to time. Abortion has become a household term because it has become so common. The value of life has been greatly diminished. More than 50 million babies have been disposed of for the sake of convenience. If people would only open their eyes to all of this and the Body of Christ would wake up to this great increase of wickedness and pray their hearts out for  the revival of the Church and actually get involved in this battle for the minds and souls of our youth then we could at least put a dent in this evil uprising. I write about Satan and the spirit world because I have personally seen Satan and demons beginning when I was 18 and have seen great evil in the human population and this awareness, especially as a Christian, has been unavoidable. I believe that my ability to see all the evil that I have seen is due to a spiritual gift called “Spiritual Discernment” or “Discerning of Spirits”. Please pray for holiness  in the “Body of Christ” and against this onslaught of evil or we as a nation will not last much longer!Prayer is just the beginning! We all who name the name of Christ need to have “the intestinal fortitude” AKA, guts to personally get involved, along with prayer, and write to our public officials and at least try to put some pressure on them to not only say what they think that you want for them to say, but also actually do what is right and what is  best for our country and our world, as a whole! You can be sure that Satan and his demons are at work behind the scenes, in the spiritual world pleased that we,”mankind” do so little as Christians and as Americans in general, to fight this battle! How can we ever win a spiritual battle unless we personally get involved with great enthusiasm!

In the Name of Christ.

The Nountaineer


There is a spirit world that is just as it is described in “The Word Of God” and I have first hand experience with it! Do not think that there is a little guy in a red suit trying to get you to do bad things because he would rather just divert your attention from God’s truth and allow you to do what ever your heart desires as long as you avoid “Faith in Christ”!

The Spiritual Gifts from The Holy Spirit are provided to believers when they receive Eternal Life through Faith in their LORD and Savior, Jesus The Messiah or The Word of God who set aside His Prerogative to remain seated on the Throne of Glory, at the Right Hand of The Father. He then Chose to be born a human being, who are created in the image of God. It was Love that caused Him to do this and pity for this vast sea of humanity who were like sheep without a Shepard, wandering to and fro without hope. Mankind had been cursed along with all of creation and without a sinless Savior to become the Final and most complete sacrifice, there was no hope for mankind. After Our LORD paid the Great Price for our salvation, He then returned to Glory and 10 days later He sent the promised Holy Spirit at the time of Pentecost which meant that Jerusalem was filled with those who chose to worship the God of the Jewish people. This was the beginning of the “Church” which is the body of Christ, Also known as the “Bride of Christ” who will someday be snatched away to meet The Lord in the air or upper atmosphere which is called the “Second Heaven”. Actually, it could be anywhere, from where the clouds are to the outer atmosphere or “space”.

Now back to the “Gifts of The Spirit”. Each “true believer” receives at least one spiritual gift and these are available in the books of 1st Corinthians chapters 12, and 14, 1st Peter chapter 4, Ephesians chapter 4, Romans chapter1,verse11,  and of course in the book of Acts which describes the coming of The Holy Spirit at Pentecost.

Today is a time like no other in the history of the Earth. The battle is raging for the hearts, minds, and souls of our children. The enemy of all mankind has conceived all manner of traps, snares, and deceptions to keep or prevent as many human beings from knowing the Truth which is God’s Truth and no other. The battle is on Earth yet the primary players are in another realm or dimension. This takes an incredible amount of “Spiritual Discernment” as well as caution when defending against an invisible enemy who hates all of humanity because we are created in the image of God and God is their primary enemy. That which makes it even more difficult to understand is that the battle has already been won by “The Word of God”, when He died on the cross and paid the sin debt for all who will believe a simple yet astonishing truth. “We are “Saved By Faith”. All other religions are in one form or another, “works based” in their understanding of what is “good” and what is needed for atonement, of one sort or another.

The description of this spiritual battle in the Bible has proven to be absolutely true. I know this from personal experience yet it has taken decades for me to even begin to understand why I have seen and experienced all that I have. I finally turned to the Bible after God personally stepped into my life at the age of 30. There was a long interval where I was like a ship without a rudder because I received Christ as my Savior at the age of 6 and for a variety of reasons why, it took a long time for me to look to “The Book” for some answers. It is now like daily food that is every bit as important as food for the body. The better the nutrition for the body then the healthier will be the body, and it is the same for our soul and spirit! Without daily feeding on God’s word, we become not only malnourished but leave ourselves open to attack by “the enemy”. This does not mean that we are not attacked daily any way, it means that we are better prepared to resist the attacks. I have found that for me it is necessary to listen to the audio Bible daily if possible and listen every evening to as many of my favorite Bible expositors as possible. Since I live alone it is possible for me to spend most of my waking hours filling my mind with God’s truths. It is something like an immunization. The enemy still tries to get a foot-hold in my life but when his attacks happen, I know why and do not turn and run but stand my ground with the addition of spiritual armor from God and can even use the LORD’s offensive weapon which is God’s Word! Do not allow anyone to even try to convince you that there is no devil or demons or even Holy Angels for that matter. I can say that with confidence because I have seen and experienced the spirit world. I have even seen God’s hand at work! Be prepared, for the battle in the heavenly places is underway as you read this!

NASA Emission Nebula

“A Nebula By Any Other Name

An apparent spammer in his comment on a post of mine mentioned that he was having trouble getting the RSS feed to work so I am not only testing the link but the apparent spammer as well. It is probably an attempt to get me to click on his site link and bypass the normal spam blocking process.

The image is an emission nebula as compared to a reflection nebula that reflects light from other stars. This type contains at least one bright star in its midst that provides the infrared light that makes it especially visible to the “WISE Explorer Observatory” that produced this image. For those interested in the specifics, the  infrared emissions from this nebula measured in microns in the 3.4 to 4.6 microns range indicates that the light is from within the nebula whereas infrared light in the 12 and 22 micron range is light reflected off of the dust within the nebula. Nebulae consist of dust and gas that are eventually used up in star formation if it is in a star forming  region. Otherwise the dust and gas are eventually dispersed by solar winds and radiation from stars that are relatively nearby.